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Hearing Aids

Once you have determined with your audiologist that you need a hearing aid, you have many different options. Choosing the right hearing aid involves considering a number of factors, such as the degree of your hearing loss, your specific communication needs, cosmetic concerns, and cost.

Digital hearing aids can be programmed to suit your lifestyle. Programming can filter out background noises or sync up your hearing aid wirelessly with your smart phone through Bluetooth. You can also add accessories that allow you to stream audio from your laptop, TV or MP3 player directly into your hearing aid.

Our staff will help you determine which hearing aid and accessories best suit your specific needs. We will work with you throughout the process, from selecting, testing, and programming your hearing aid to scheduling follow up visits for adjustments.

Some of the most common types of hearing aids include:

  • In-the-Ear
  • Behind-the-Ear
  • Canal Aids
  • Body Aids

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