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Voice and Swallowing Institute

When you experience a change in your voice, difficulty swallowing or breathing, or the feeling of a sore throat, it can indicate one of many medical conditions. Treatment options for these symptoms can also vary greatly. At Columbia's Voice and Swallowing Institute, our voice and swallowing team has extensive training and years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of these disorders.

We understand the anxiety that can accompany a voice disorder and know that it can be frustrating trying to get a proper diagnosis. Here at the Institute, your voice, breathing, and swallowing goals are our primary concern. We not only listen to your voice, but we also listen to your individual needs, concerns, and goals. Working closely with you, we utilize the most current diagnostic techniques along with with medical, surgical, and therapeutic treatments, so that you can be sure you are receiving the best medical care possible.

Our team has extensive expertise in the treatment of:

Professional Voice

If you rely on your voice for your profession, even a mild voice disorder can create daily challenges. Our highly trained staff includes Dr. Michael Pitman, a highly regarded laryngologist, along with two voice therapists/singing voice specialists, who have a unique ability to understand the urgency of your problem. Our goal is to help you through your vocal recovery as efficiently and effectively as possible so you can go back to work.